In order to meet your expectations, there is a possibility of organizing art evenings which is a ready offer of one of the artists who cooperates with us permanently, or of a special program prepared by the artist on our guests’ request. Continuingly, Piotr Plewa – the art director, will take care of the artistic setting ensuring you with the high level of every evening prepared by us and vary this evening with his charisma and long time experience as an announcer in order to make a performance that will meet your expectations. The artist cooperating with us continuingly:

Piotr Plewa

The art director VR in the role of stand up artist. During the events he entertains the audience with many competitions, sketches and songs. His program “quasi kabaretowe one man show” is received with a large enthusiasm in private and company events. The great fluid, charisma, experience and the ability of the situational improvisation make him a spectacular actor and stand up artist. He has the opinion of an exceptional showman. In many reviews he is called “bodacious”, “charismatic”, “amazing”… “loved by the audience”…

Jacek Stefanik

Born on 21st February 1973 in Częstochowa (zodiac Pisces or Buffalo, whatever you like). He can be proud of studios on PWSFTviT. He collaborates for many years with Grupa Rafała Kmity and Teatr Stu in Kraków. Since 2003, he’s been associated professionally, socially and continuingly with Teatr Nowy in Łódź. In 2000 he established the band LOS BOMBREROS created out of fascination with the music of Buena Vista Social Club and Gipsy Kings.

Jacek Stefanik’s debut album “Ćma” is a journey to the land of the traditional music connected to Świtlicki-Sojka-Maleńczuk. This original musical offer is the attempt of recording a young artist’s impressions from the last few years. It is a story of love, betrayals, love affairs and cafes. The original Oleksiewicz’s lyrics, cajón, two guitars and Jacek’s incredible voice are the journey into the best musical traditions.

Karol Wolski

A graduate of the Studium Teatralne “L’art studio” in Kraków. An actor, cabaret artist, vocalist. He collaborates with Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów, Teatr Muzyczny in Łódź, Teatr STU and Teatr GROTESKA in Kraków. He conducts the improvisational trainings and is a member of Grupa Improwizacyjna AdHoc from Kraków which organizes the evenings of the improvisational comedy. For several years he’s been the leader of the band Rock&Walk from Kraków as well as the vocalist of the band Palce Lizać. He is a reliable drama and musical artist and in his repertoire you can find the songs of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and others.

Andrzej Talkowski

An artist of Piwnica Pod Baranami. He performs as „Magik bardzo dobry” so the 21st century performer who originates from the best past patterns and who has the cabaret outlook on the illusion and treats the magic tricks in a comical way. He can do everything, and what he can’t do, it isn’t worth it. “Magik bardzo dobry” is a great fun, a warm and kind smile, and what is the most important – a perfect performance.

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